Dog Dirt Claw

Gripping device with elastic gripper claws for
picking up dog excrement

Dog dirt Claw

The dog excrement collector is a must-have for every walk with your dog. The invention consists of a handle with a fastening device for a bag-like receptacle and several elastic gripper claws extending from the handle.

In use, the dog dirt claws are slipped over from the inside to the outside in a basket-like manner with a dog excrement plastic bag. The dog excrement picked up with the gripper claws can thus be easily and accurately filled into the bag and disposed of cleanly, while keeping the distance to the excrement.


If required, the gripper claws can be connected to each other via a circumferential gripper band, which causes a closing and gripping movement of the gripper claws onto the pick-up bag. This causes the dog poop to remain in the bag and can then be sealed by knotting or with a hand sealer.


Easy & functional

Technically simple device that reliably, quickly and practically encloses and collects dog excrement with an ingenious function. Simple, cost-effective production method.

Hygienic Application

The bag is not touched directly when picking up the faeces and closing it, therefore hands cannot get dirty even if the bag is damaged/leaky.

Dog excrement at a Distance

No unpleasant, indirectly palpable contact of the hand with the dog excrement when picking up the pile through the bag.

Dispenser for Dog Waste bags

Inner cavity of the handle piece can be used as a bag dispenser for holding a continuous web of detachable individual bags, which can be pulled out between the gripper claws and turned over to the outside via the gripper claws.

Target group

All dog owners who previously had to struggle with the unpleasant and often unhygienic task of picking up dog excrement by hand 


In 2019, there were over 10 million pet owners in Germany who keep one or more dogs as pets

3D Visualisation


Property Right

EU Patent

Type of protection: European Patent resgistration
Title: „Device for picking up excrement“
Registration number: EP20192176.4

Main Claim:Device for picking up excrement, in particular dog excrement, comprising a handle (1) with a fastening device (2) for a bag-like receptacle (10) to be fastened there, a plurality of elastic gripper claws (3) branching off from the handle (1), the gripper claws (3) enclosing the space around the fastening device (2) in a basket-like manner.



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